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Hosting ASP.NET core application in Ubuntu Linux with Apache

The key feature introduced in .NET Core framework is platform independence, which means apart from Windows we can host ASP.NET Core application in Linux and Mac operating system. But hosting...


How to Improve Code Quality

How to Improve the quality of your code?

Clean code is essential to create a scalable and maintainable product, bad code can make product maintainability a disaster. Writing clean code makes it easier for programmers to understand. Good...


Scrum Process

Understanding Scrum Methodology

Scrum is one of the popular agile framework widely used by software development teams to manage product development. Scrum adopts a structured approach to project management. Although scrum is one of...


Tips for writing clean code in C#

This post will help you speed up your C# code and provides many tricks that every professional developer must know. 1. Validating input "first" Look at the code snippet below...


Why Agile Methodology is a boon to Software Development?

Agile development methodology is a software development approach. It is a framework of practices that adopts an iterative or incremental methodology to project management. With this approach, the solution evolves...